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Student Visas for Flight Training in the U.S.

Students wishing to enter the US for flight training will need a M-1 Student Visa or a F-1 Student Visa. The student should plan to go to a US Embassy in their home country to apply for the visa. As an international student, you must also study at...

ADS-B: What’s the Big Deal?

Many of you have heard about ADS-B and its entry into mainstream aviation. ADS-B is said to be a changing factor in today’s national airspace system, and the FAA has big plans for it.     What is ADS-B? ADS-B stands for Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast....

FAA Airplane Pilot Statistics Infographic

Based on the data collected and provided by the FAA. We crafted a beautiful infographic that will help visualize the current state of FAA Certificated Airplane Pilots. Couple of notes concerning this Infographic: Many pilots who fly for personal business or pleasure earn higher FAA...

5 Tips for Managing Cockpit Automation

Today’s aircraft are equipped with the latest technology. With systems like ADS-B, GPS and fancy LCD displays, airplanes today can pretty much fly themselves.  Along with technologically advanced aircraft, though, comes a new way of flying for pilots. While cockpit automation can make flying safer,...

Scholarships for Flight Training for British Citizens

There are scholarships for flight training available for British citizens.  Though they may not cover the full cost of flight training, it’s certainly still advantageous to reduce the cost of your tuition.  Some, though not all, may also cover flight training abroad, such as in...

Transitioning to an Airline Career

For those in the midst of flight training, an airline career can seem too far off to think about. But if you’re in an accelerated flight program like PEA, an airline career may not be as distant as you think. Airlines are beginning to hire...

4 Tips for The Multi-Engine Student

Put the Gear Down! Early in training, multi-engine flight students are often so focused on staying ahead of the airplane that they forget that the new aircraft has retractable landing gear. After all, the new aircraft is faster and more powerful than they’ve flown before!...

5 Reasons Pilots Love the iPad

Electronic Charts If there’s one thing pilots despise, it’s carrying around a 35 pound flight back, filled with books and charts to each flight. The beauty of an iPad in the cockpit is that it completely eliminates the need to carry charts. Of course, it’s...

Part 141 vs Part 61

When choosing a flight school, aviation students can choose from two types of flight training schools — Part 61 flight instruction or a Part 141 flight school. While both types of flight instruction are perfectly legitimate methods of pilot training, there are advantages to receiving...