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Why Winter Flying is Hazardous

If you’re in Florida with us, then you know that we rarely see snow or ice, and a major snow event is virtually unheard of. But when you consider the impact that a snowstorm has on aviation, even people in Florida can be affected by...

What Happens on a Student’s First Solo Flight?

“Your best teacher is your last mistake.” –unknown A student’s first solo flight is something that he or she will remember forever. It’s an accomplishment to be proud of, a confidence-builder and, well, it’s just fun! During their first solo flight, the student will fly...
supercell thunderstorm

How Pilots Avoid Thunderstorms

With its clear skies, sunshine, and warm temperatures, Florida is one of the best locations out there when it comes to flight training. But clear skies are often a product of unstable air, which makes Florida a hot spot for thunderstorm activity in the summer....

What’s a Glass Cockpit?

You may be familiar with the term ‘glass cockpit’, but what is a glass cockpit? And what does that mean for today’s flight training? Today’s factory-built aircraft come equipped with glass cockpits, which is a fancy name for the advanced technology found on board aircraft....

A Success Story: Kwame Sarpong

Kwame Sarpong, a student from Ghana, has recently finished his studies at Phoenix East Aviation and embarked in voyage to pursue his dreams to be an airline pilot. A couple of months later we have received this from Kwame: Phoenix East is no doubt a leader...
Transcontinental Air Mail Route Beacon 37A

How Do Pilots Navigate?

In the past few years, GPS has become a primary method of navigating for pilots. But how did pilots find their way before GPS? And which navigation systems are still in use? In the early days, pilots had to navigate by looking out the window...