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Which Pilot Gadgets Do You Really Need?

If you flip through a catalog of pilot supplies, you might be overwhelmed with all of the gadgets and tools available to pilots. Don’t be alarmed: You won’t need to buy all of them to be a successful pilot! For the most part, your flight...

You Might Be an #AvGeek if…

You look up without hesitation when you hear an airplane engine overhead. You say “wilco” when your boss tells you to do something. You say “affirmative” and “negative” instead of “yes” or “no.” You say “your controls” when you hand the TV remote to your...
kulula-flying-101-plane-1- copyright Kulula

Aircraft Livery: 6 Awesome Paint Schemes

1. Kulula’s “Flying 101” Aircraft: South African airline Kulula has one of the most famous aircraft liveries in the world. Kulula is known for being a “no-frills” airline, but it’s also known for its humorous marketing techniques. According to the company’s website,  Kulula developed its...

The History of Aviation in 8 Photos

1.Wright Flyer The Wright Flyer made its first flight in 1903 in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.   2.Curtiss Jenny Airmail Curtiss Jenny Airmail plane took off from Washington D.C. on May 15, 1918. It was the first day of schedule airmail service.   3. Vickers...

The Flying Car: An Airplane in Every Garage?

There was a time when aviation experts thought that there would be an airplane in everybody’s garage. In The Jetsons, a futuristic cartoon that first aired in 1962, a flying car took the place of the common car during George Jetson’s commute to work. The...
air taxi

5 Non-Airline Pilot Jobs to Consider

1. Air Taxi Photo Credit Pros: Air taxi pilots, also known as charter pilots, fly a variety of different aircraft, schedules and flights. Their customers consist of businessmen, celebrities, sports teams, charity organizations and high-profile families. They are known for flying “anywhere, anytime” and often...
hazardous attitude

Which Hazardous Attitude Do You Have?

The Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (an FAA publication) describes five hazardous attitudes in aviation that pilots should be aware of in order to manage risk and make better decisions. Which one describes your attitude? Anti-Authority Pilots with an anti-authority attitude don’t like being told...