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Encouraging Advice from PEA’s Admissions Department

Do something you love and it will never feel like work. Many pilots choose aviation not just for a career, but also because of the passion they have for flying. Regardless, if you are just thinking about joining Phoenix East Aviation, or have already made the choice to join us for your flight training, congratulations on making the decision to pursue a career in aviation! We are excited for you to continue strengthening the passion you have to fly and look forward to watching your dreams take flight!

Furthering your studies in any capacity requires a level of commitment, dedication and focus. Here are a few tips that have helped past PEA students and continue to help current PEA students as they complete their training:

  • Build a strong foundation
  • Remember the rule of 8’s
  • Learn from current mentors and instructors, and past students
  • Keep a positive outlook

Keep reading to implement these strategies into your training!

Your Questions, Answered!

Why is it important to build a strong, solid foundation before your training commences?

Flight training can seem overwhelming at times, especially during the first month when you’re soaking up all the information that is being taught. It is imperative that you create good habits from the beginning that will help you be a successful student, which in turn will allow you to become a successful pilot.

Daily Life and Making Connections

What are the rules of 8’s and how does it apply to becoming a successful pilot after your training as a student at PEA?

It is important to remember that although the final goal is to become a successful pilot, as a student, you don’t want to experience burnout. PEA wants to teach you how to divide your 24 hours in a day to be most efficient.

  • 8 hours = Good night’s rest. A good night’s rest will prepare your mind and body for the next day.
  • 8 hours = Flight training as a job. Treat your training like a job and use those hours dedicated toward school and studying.
  • Last 8 hours? = Me time! We know how equally important it is to have some time to socialize, have fun and explore your gorgeous surroundings. That’s how our students have successfully balanced their life and professional pilot training.

“A Mile of Road will Take You a Mile, But a Mile of Runway will Take You Anywhere” -unknown author

How can learning from past students, current mentors and instructors, help with your flight training?

Everyone’s flight training journey is different. There is not one person’s path who looks identical to the next, and that is okay! What works for some, may not work for others, and vice versa. With that being said, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Our admissions team is here to help you! We can assist you with reaching out to Alumni, current mentors, instructors, and even current students. Everyone at Phoenix East Aviation wants to see you succeed! Keep a positive outlook on your flight training. Yes, it can be challenging and at times it can seem overwhelming, but with a positive attitude and outlook on it, you are already on the right path to be successful! Always remember, positive thoughts equal positive results, and before you know it, you’ll be soaring through the skies!

Are you ready to watch your pilot dreams take off? Email us at to get in touch with our esteemed admissions staff.




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