Professional Programs

Professional Programs


Professional Program I: 130 Hrs

This program is designed to enable a private pilot to obtain a Commercial Certificate with Instrument and Multi-Engine Ratings. Additionally, the student receives flight instructor training to achieve the Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Rating (CFII). With these ratings, the pilot increases his/her hiring opportunities. The Unusual Attitude and Upset Recovery Training course is included.

This course is uniquely customized to ensure it directly meets the training needs of the professional pilot. A rigorous combination of hands-on maneuver-based and scenario based training profiles both increase the student’s fundamental flying skills as well as directly compliment the rapid development of aeronautical decision making amidst potentially life-threatening upset/emergency conditions. The DA-42 systems ground school prepares the students to operate within a complex multi-engine glass environment similar to what is being utilized in the present and future airline industry. Upon completion, the pilot will be qualified to work as a flight instructor in single-engine aircraft, teaching students to become certified Private, Commercial and Instrument-Rated pilots. 

These ratings are very useful to advance a pilot’s flight time and experience:

Prerequisite: Private Pilot Certificate

Total Lab Hours: 130

Total Lecture Hours: 326

Total Clock Hours: 456

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Professional Program III: 139Hrs

This program is similar to the Professional Program I, but focuses more on multiengine training and includes 55 hours on the DA42 Solo. It also includes the Multi-Engine Instructor Certificate. Most single-engine time is replaced with advanced multi-engine instructions

Prerequisite: Private Pilot Certificate

Total Lab Hours: 139

Total Lecture Hours: 342

Total Clock Hours: 481

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