Professional Program I

Professional Program I


Professional Program I: 130 Hrs

The Professional Program I’s core purpose is to provide students with the basic requirements to have not only the required ratings to be hired by an Airline, but also provide a very efficient way to meet the minimum flight hour requirements. During training, students will obtain their Instrument, Commercial, Multi-Engine add on, Certified Flight Instructor, and Certified Flight Instructor Licenses/Ratings. Upon completion, the pilot will be qualified to work as a flight instructor in a single-engine aircraft.

This course is uniquely customized to ensure it directly meets the training needs of the professional pilot. A rigorous combination of hands-on maneuver-based and scenario-based training profiles both increase the student’s fundamental flying skills as well as directly complement the rapid development of aeronautical decision making.

Prerequisite: Private Pilot Certificate

Total Lab Hours: 136

Total Lecture Hours: 276

Total Clock Hours: 412

Course Structure

Program Code – PEA-850

Dual C-172 Glass Cockpit: 83.5 hrs.

SoloC-172 Glass Cockpit: 11.5 hrs.

Redbird FMX; 6 hrs.

Redbird TD2:  8 hrs.

Dual 8KCAB: 6 hrs.

Dual DA-42: 15 hrs.

Oral Single Engine: 86 hrs.

Oral Multi-Engine: 15 hrs.

Inst, Comm, CFI/CFII, DA-42 Ground

School: 225 Hours Ground School

  • ATC
  • Risk Management
  • Instrument
  • Commercial
  • DA-42
  • Flight Exams
  • Written Exams
  • Books

What You’ll Learn

  Risk Management
  Glass Cockpit
Upset Recovery
  Instrument Rating
  Commercial (Single-Engine) License
  DA42 Systems
  Multi-Engine Rating
  Certified Flight Instructor Rating
  Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Rating
Let's make it accelerated! Earn back what you spend!

Standard Track
Typical Students accumulate 1,500 hours in a longer timeframe. In your first 24 months, you have netted approximately $13,000 OUT OF YOUR POCKET!

Accelerated Program
At 24 months, you have 1,500 hours and are off to your career! In that time, you have netted approximately $8,000 IN YOUR POCKET!

How can we accomplish that?

  • Highly qualifies and disciplined team
  • Proven success in rigorous course completions
  • Low student to instructor ratio
  • Dedicated aircraft, simulators, and facilities
  • Personalized experience

Total Price

TOTAL Price with DA-42: $62,102
TOTAL Price with PA-34: $60,602


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