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Top 10 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Flight School




Does the flight school have the experience and financial security that comes with years of professional flight training? Has it been in business at the same location for many years? Phoenix East Aviation has been training pilot candidates for airlines worldwide since 1972. The academy even has the distinction of having trained a U.S. astronaut.

Quality Of Instruction

Is the school nationally accredited? Does the school have full-time instructors who are well-educated and well-qualified? Phoenix East is proud to be one of only eight U.S. flight academies that is nationally accredited. The flight instructors at Phoenix East have all been trained to the highest FAA standards. They are from the U.S. and from countries throughout the world. Phoenix East has more than 50 flight instructors whose sole job is helping student pilots succeed.

Approved Programs

Is the flight academy approved as a F.A.R. Part 141 school? Does the flight academy have a strong and long history of being in good standing with the F.A.A.? Is it also VA approved? Phoenix East Aviation is approved by the F.A.A. for both Part 141 training and Part 61 training. International students are required by the U.S. government to train under F.A.R. Part 141. Phoenix East has always been in excellent standing with the F.A.A. and is even approved by the F.A.A. for flight checks at the school by our own F.A.A. approved check pilots. This saves the student time and money. V.A. approval is very important to U.S. military veterans, as it allows G.I. benefits for schooling, per federal regulations.


Type and number of training aircraft? We only fly modern and new aircraft with a training fleet consists of 50+ Cessna C-172SP, and Diamond DA-42 plus a Decathlon 8KCAB for upset recovery safety training. Aircraft are equipped with the latest in navigation equipment with all glass cockpits, which allows easier transition to larger and jet aircraft for the student when hired as a professional pilot.

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How’s the weather in the local area? This is important. Year-round good weather means more flying for students and faster completion of training. The weather in Daytona Beach allows flying 360+ days a year. There is no weather worldwide better than Florida.

Hiring Of Graduates

Does the school commonly hire its graduates as instructors, to build more flying hours while earning a salary? Phoenix East Aviation hires its highly skilled graduates; currently there are over 50 flight instructors on staff.

Cost Of Training and Financing

Is the school moderately priced, but without sacrificing quality of training? Does the school offer financing options or assist in locating financing for tuition and living expenses? Phoenix East Aviation is known for both high-quality training and value-pricing, compared to many other professional U.S. training academies. And the cost of training is 50-80% less than comparable European academies. Phoenix East Admissions Officers are knowledgeable about financing options to assist qualified students.


Is the student body and instructor staff diverse and international to provide a more stimulating learning environment? Phoenix East Aviation prides itself on the diversity of its flight students and instructors. Over 65% of students are international – and not just from one or two countries, but from places throughout the world. This diversity is particularly important for the student who wishes to fly internationally as a career.

Cost Of Living And Lifestyle

Does the local area provide a lifestyle that suits you? Daytona Beach boasts one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The weather is warm year-around. It is the home of NASCAR and the Daytona 500 races. Is it affordable? Most students are on a budget and living expenses here are modestly-priced compared to many other areas in the U.S.


For international students, is the school authorized by the U.S. government to issue M-1 and F-1 visa forms (I-20) to facilitate entry into the U.S.? Phoenix East is authorized by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to issue the M-1 Student Visa Form (I-20) for those students who wish to obtain their flight certificates. It is also one of the few U.S. schools authorized to issue the F-1 Visa form (I-20). The F-1 allows students to also complete their flight certificates and ratings; upon completion of flight programs, the F-1 student may interview for a position as a flight instructor and upon acceptance (and approval for the work authorization through the Department of Homeland Security) may become a paid employee of Phoenix East, building flight hours toward the ATP license while gaining additional flight experience. Phoenix East advisers assist the student each step of the way to obtaining a visa.

And Most Importantly

Does the school have a strong and long history of graduates being hired as commercial pilots? Phoenix East Aviation graduates are today flying for airlines, charter companies, governments and corporations throughout the world.

There are many flight schools that can help you achieve a pilot’s license, but if you are committed to a career as a professional pilot then be sure to first look closely at what Phoenix East Aviation offers; you’ll likely agree with Phoenix East Aviation graduates that few flight schools in the world offer so much value for the education and experience.

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