Shopping for a Flight School? Let PEA Help Guide You!

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they may begin to question what career path they are destined for, or if their current path is the best for them: did this newsletter find its way into the hands of somebody who fits this description, or are you simply trying to find a flight school that best suits you because you have a pilot dream waiting to take off? Phoenix East Aviation has successfully trained thousands of pilots over more than 50 years, and there is no sign of slowing down in sight.

Regardless if you are researching four-year universities, technical schools, or a speciality school like ours, it is important to gather as much information as you possibly can, to ultimately choose what is best for you and your future goals. Let us help explain why PEA is your future flight school!

Learning how to fly and become a pilot is not only a time commitment, but a financial commitment as well. Being an accredited flight school is extremely significant, as it protects you financially as a student and verifies a very high quality of training. PEA is one of only six flight schools in the United States able to offer the F1 student visa thanks to its accreditation. PEA is also one of the few schools approved by the FAA to offer a “Reduced Minimums” commercial license, and has self-examining authority. This means that they have their own designated check airmen who provide you the FAA flight exam at PEA.

PEA offers several programs and courses for prospective students: the courses range from Full Private and Professional Programs which takes you from 0 to “hero”, and individual Part 141 or Part 61 courses. This is important to look at while shopping around for a flight school because as a prospective student, you want to make sure you are choosing the right option for you and your end goals.

PEA does not just teach you how to fly an airplane, but also how to become a successful pilot. While celebrating PEA’s 50th anniversary in 2022 they also celebrated their ever growing fleet with 6 brand new Cessna 172’s. Their fleet also includes Diamond DA42’s. Their multi engine DA42’s and single engine Cessna 172’s are both equipped with Garmin G1000 glass flight decks, so students are ready for the airlines at the end of their training. In addition, PEA has one Super Decathlon, an aerobatic aircraft that many students utilize to receive their Upset Prevention and Recovery Training. While this is their current fleet, 6 Piper Senecas are currently being modernized to be added later this year. With a fleet of 65 aircraft, it is imperative that maintenance stays up to date in order for their training to remain high quality for their students. PEA is not only grateful to have in-house maintenance, but with the support and knowledge that the mechanics provide, they have been able to provide professional and successful flight training over the last 50 years.

What technology and resources does PEA have?

PEA also has Redbird FMX Full Motion simulators as well as Redbird TD2 simulators available to students at both the main campus in Daytona Beach, as well as their auxiliary training facility located about 25 miles north, at Flagler Executive Airport in Palm Coast. Full motion simulation adds realism. Pilots learn primary flight skills in a device that provides accurate feedback, making it an easier transition into a real aircraft because they know what it “feels like” to fly.

PEA is a professional flight school, and ultimately their goal is to watch their pilots succeed and soar through the skies. In order for this to successfully happen, it is important to them to help their students achieve their goals. They recommend their students to treat their training as a job. During this time, the students study, attend ground school, complete ground lessons, receive one-on-one lessons with instructors, and of course, fly!

At PEA they have a free tutoring program that many students utilize as an additional resource if they find themselves struggling in any aspect of their training. The tutoring program PEA provides is run by fellow students who are working on obtaining their Instructor Ratings. This also means the student who is receiving the tutoring gains reassurance, and leaves feeling confident knowing that they were assisted by someone who has once been where they are in their training. It is important for PEA that their students feel comfortable, confident, and ready to take on the skies! PEA strives to maintain a favorable Student to Instructor ratio which enables students to complete their training in a timely manner. Not only will you be flying more often, but this also creates that highly personalized attention from PEA flight instructors, much like their tutoring program. Lastly, PEA has a safety department that oversees the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP). They are one of the few flight schools that are approved to be a part of the program which is reserved for the airlines. The goal of ASAP is to enhance aviation safety through the prevention of accidents and incidents, with its focus of encouraging voluntary reporting for safety issues and events.

Are you ready to fly with PEA? Regardless if you choose the main campus in Daytona Beach, or the auxiliary training facility in Palm Coast, Florida has some of the best weather in the United States. Unlike other schools located in other states of the country, you will not experience being grounded over the winter due to snow or freezing conditions.

Are you a Veteran? PEA is VA approved and you can also complete your flight training under the GI Bill. PEA also offers financial opportunities with different loan providers.

PEA has been around for 50 years, and they will be here for you when you decide that they are the right flight school for you and your pilot dreams.

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