Professional Program III

Professional Program III


Professional Program III: 139 Hrs

The Professional III Program expands on the Professional I with a focus on additional training being conducted in a Multi-Engine aircraft. Students enrolled in this program will obtain their Instrument, Commercial-Single Engine, Multi-Commercial, Certified Flight Instructor, Certified Flight Instructor Instrument, and Multi-Engine Instructor Licenses/Ratings. Upon completion, the pilot will be qualified to work as a flight instructor in single and multi-engine aircraft.

Prerequisite: Private Pilot Certificate

Total Lab Hours: 137

Total Lecture Hours: 292

Total Clock Hours: 429

Course Structure

Dual C-172 Glass Cockpit: 60 hrs.

Redbird FMX: 6 hrs.

Redbird TD2: 11 hrs.

Dual 8KCAB: 6 hrs.

Dual PA-34: 54.5 hrs.

Solo PA-34: 1.5 hrs.

Oral Single Engine: 75 hrs.

Oral Multi-Engine: 42 hrs.

Inst, Comm, CFI/CFII, DA-42 Ground School: 225 Hours
Ground School , and Books

  • ATC
  • Risk Management
  • Instrument
  • Commercial,
  • DA-42
  • Flight Exams
  • Written Exams
  • Books 

What You’ll Learn

Risk Management
  Glass Cockpit
Upset Recovery
  Instrument Rating
  PA-42 Systems
  Multi-Engine Rating
  Commercial (Multi-Engine) License
  Commercial (Single-Engine) License
  Certified Flight Instructor Rating
  Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Rating
  Multi-Engine Instructor
Let's make it accelerated! Earn back what you spend!

Standard Track
Typical Students accumulate 1,500 hours in a longer timeframe. In your first 24 months, you have netted approximately $13,000 OUT OF YOUR POCKET!

Accelerated Program
At 24 months, you have 1,500 hours and are off to your career! In that time, you have netted approximately $8,000 IN YOUR POCKET!

How can we accomplish that?

  • Highly qualifies and disciplined team
  • Proven success in rigorous course completions
  • Low student to instructor ratio
  • Dedicated aircraft, simulators, and facilities
  • Personalized experience

Total Price

TOTAL Price with PA-34: $78,631
(DA-42 is available at additional cost)

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