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airplane landing flare

5 Common Student Pilot Mistakes

Disregarding the Checklist     For most people, checklist usage is a new thing. Lots of new student pilots fail to understand the importance of using a checklist while flying. Even if you think you have a checklist memorized, it’s best to back it up...

China and India: Hot Spots for Future Pilots

It’s no secret that the aviation industry has seen its share of challenges lately, especially in the United States. But the trend seems to be reversing now, and the outlook is good — especially for new pilots entering the aviation industry over the next 20...

Finding Scholarships for Flight Training

Funding pilot training can be difficult. Many students take out loans from financial institutions. Some use government benefits such as the Montgomery G.I. Bill. However you choose to pay for flight school, scholarships can help you keep the cost down. Finding aviation scholarships can be...

The FAA Medical Exam: Common Questions

If you’re considering a career in aviation, you’ll need to obtain an FAA Medical Certificate to ensure you’re fit to fly. Here are some answers to common questions about the medical exam. How do I find an Aviation Medical Examiner? Aviation medical examiners (AMEs) are...
Cop Airlines

A Letter From A Father

In Early April 2013, we have received a letter, that made all PEA staff proud and humble to be considered as a member of Luis Beltran Esteban’s Family. And We have decided to share his story with the world: My dear friend Jason: I am addressing...

China Developing a General Aviation Industry

China’s airspace has traditionally been reserved for commercial aviation (passenger airlines and cargo) and the country’s military.  But that’s starting to change. China’s government is come to understand the importance of general aviation to the country’s progress and has been to try to streamline the...

What You Need To Know About NextGen and SESAR

The U.S. airspace system is in the middle of its largest upgrade ever – a next generation air transportation overhaul that the FAA calls NextGen. What is NextGen? NextGen is an FAA program developed to reduce air traffic delays, improve air safety and increase efficiency. The...

Renovus Capital Partners Acquires Phoenix East Aviation, a Leading Provider of Commercial Pilot Training Worldwide

Renovus Capital Partners Acquires Phoenix East Aviation A Leading Provider of Commercial Pilot Training Wynnewood, PA, March 14, 2013 – Renovus Capital Partners announced the acquisition of Phoenix East Aviation. Renovus is an education-focused private equity firm based outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. As part...

Accelerated Pilot Training: Do You Have What it Takes?

It might surprise you to learn that the actual act of flying an airplane isn’t terribly difficult. It doesn’t take superhero strength or an exceptional intellect.  But getting through an accelerated pilot program like PEA’s pilot training program can be daunting.  Are you up for...

Success Story: Luke Egan

Phoenix East Aviation is commited to the success of each and every student and instructor. Read about how Luke Egan has successfuly achieved the PIC Position with Gama Aviation on a CE-750. Luke:     I am certainly an enthusiast of PEA and the programs...