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Become a pilot faster! Get your Initial Commercial Ratings at PEA completed in 42% of the time (58% fewer hours) than other schools and the industry standard!

PEA is uniquely approved by the FAA under FAR Part 141.55(e) to complete the Initial Commercial Pilot License (Single-Engine or Multi-Engine) in 50 hours, compared to nearly all other FAA Part 141 Flight Schools requirements of 120 hoursPEA offers two pathways to accomplish this.

Single-Commercial Initial

141-311 CPSETC – Commercial Pilot Single-Engine Training Course. This course can be completed in only 50 flight hours. Pilots that choose this route usually continue on to the 141-421 AARMELI Multi-Commercial Add-On (self-examining) course (15 hours flight), and end up earning both Commercial Pilot Licenses in 65 hours.

Multi-Commercial Initial

141-421 AAR MELI (self-examining) – Additional Aircraft Rating Multi-Engine Land Instrument, or Multi-Private Course, followed by our 141-341 CPMETC – Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine Training Course. The Multi-Commercial Initial Course is only 35 flight hours. However, to be eligible to take this course, pilots must have completed our 15 flight hour Multi-Private course as a pre-requisite. The major benefit to this route is the pilot earns additional Multi-Engine experience, and during the entire Commercial portion of the training, the Pilot is earning Mutli-Engine PIC time. Pilots that choose this route usually continue on to a short Single-Commercial Add-On course and end up earning both Commercial Pilot Licenses in approximately the same 65 hours.

Prerequisite: Private License and Instrument Rating

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Professional Program III: 137Hrs

This program is similar to the Professional Program I, but focuses more on multiengine training and includes 55 hours on the DA42 Solo. It also includes the Multi-Engine Instructor Certificate. Most single-engine time is replaced with advanced multi-engine instructions

Prerequisite: Private Pilot Certificate

Total Lab Hours: 137

Total Lecture Hours: 292

Total Clock Hours: 429

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Airline Dispatcher

If you have a passion for aviation, consider a career as an Airline Dispatcher, one of the most exciting and best paying jobs in the airline industry. Commercial aviation is expanding worldwide, and now is an excellent time for you to begin this exciting career.

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