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DA42 take off

Why Does Flight Training Cost So Much?

Airplanes cost a lot to operate. From fixed costs like the cost of the airplane itself, insurance fees, taxes and registration fees to variable costs like fuel, oil and maintenance fees, a single airplane costs a lot to operate. Aircraft insurance rates are really, really...

Why Winter Flying is Hazardous

If you’re in Florida with us, then you know that we rarely see snow or ice, and a major snow event is virtually unheard of. But when you consider the impact that a snowstorm has on aviation, even people in Florida can be affected by...
Airport Traffic Patern

The Airport Traffic Pattern

You might think that student pilots spend a lot of time flying in circles, but they’re actually flying in rectangles (and maybe a few circles, too). This is because at most small airports, pilots use a traffic pattern in the shape of a rectangle to...

What do VFR and IFR Mean?

As a prospective student, you probably hear about instrument training from more experienced students, and you might wonder what exactly “instrument” flying entails. Instrument flying can seem like an elusive or abstract term if you’re not familiar with flying, but it quickly becomes clear as...
hazardous attitude

Which Hazardous Attitude Do You Have?

The Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (an FAA publication) describes five hazardous attitudes in aviation that pilots should be aware of in order to manage risk and make better decisions. Which one describes your attitude? Anti-Authority Pilots with an anti-authority attitude don’t like being told...
airplane landing flare

5 Common Student Pilot Mistakes

Disregarding the Checklist     For most people, checklist usage is a new thing. Lots of new student pilots fail to understand the importance of using a checklist while flying. Even if you think you have a checklist memorized, it’s best to back it up...

Finding Scholarships for Flight Training

Funding pilot training can be difficult. Many students take out loans from financial institutions. Some use government benefits such as the Montgomery G.I. Bill. However you choose to pay for flight school, scholarships can help you keep the cost down. Finding aviation scholarships can be...

The FAA Medical Exam: Common Questions

If you’re considering a career in aviation, you’ll need to obtain an FAA Medical Certificate to ensure you’re fit to fly. Here are some answers to common questions about the medical exam. How do I find an Aviation Medical Examiner? Aviation medical examiners (AMEs) are...