Success Story: Luke Egan

Phoenix East Aviation is commited to the success of each and every student and instructor. Read about how Luke Egan has successfuly achieved the PIC Position with Gama Aviation on a CE-750.



I am certainly an enthusiast of PEA and the programs that they offer having personally gone through the Pro III program and instructed there full time for 3 years. My training with PEA started with my instrument rating in September of 2003. Upon completion of my certificates and ratings in 2005 I started employment as a full time flight instructor with PEA. My tenure at PEA allowed me to progress from line instructor to check airman and eventually as a charter pilot with the Trans Global division of PEA. When I resigned in 2008 it was because PEA had enabled me to take the next step in my professional career. I accepted a position on a CE-550/CE-560 (Picture1) with Gama Aviation based in my hometown area of Binghamton, NY. Gama has provided me great opportunity upgrading me to PIC in 2010 and more recently to a new account with the company on a CE-750. I look forward to hearing more success stories from PEA alumni and wish the best for PEA in the years ahead.


Best Regards, 

Luke Egan 
Luke Simulator
Luke in a CE-750 Flight Simulator
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