Salaries for Singapore Airlines Pilots

When you first begin flying for an airline as a new first officer, your salary may not be amazing. However, as you become more experienced — and become a captain — your salary will often become quite big.

One example is Singapore Air captains flying twin-aisle Boeing 777 or Airbus A330’s: They begin at S$9,870 (USD $6,870) per month. Pilots can often also earn more: a productivity allowance of as much as S$3,800 is available for pilots flying 70 hours a month.

In the U.S., senior (experienced) captains, who fly the larger planes at major airlines, typically make more than USD $15,500 per month or $186,000 per year, according to

Over 466,650 new airline pilots are expected to be hired worldwide between now and 2029.  Will you be one of them? There has never been a better time to train to be an airline pilot.

Contact Phoenix East Aviation at for information on how you can start training to be a career pilot.

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