Salaries for Singapore Airlines Pilots

When you first begin flying for an airline as a new first officer, your salary may not be amazing. However, as you become more experienced — and become a captain — your salary will often become quite big.
One example is Singapore Air captains flying twin-aisle Boeing 777 or Airbus A330’s: They begin at S$9,870 (USD $6,870) per month. Pilots can often also earn more: a productivity allowance of as much as S$3,800 is available for pilots flying 70 hours a month.
In the U.S., senior (experienced) captains, who fly the larger planes at major airlines, typically make more than USD $15,500 per month or $186,000 per year, according to
Over 466,650 new airline pilots are expected to be hired worldwide between now and 2029.  Will you be one of them? There has never been a better time to train to be an airline pilot.
Contact Phoenix East Aviation at for information on how you can start training to be a career pilot.
  • Maryanne Njoroge
    Posted at 12:21h, 11 July

    im an Engineer here in Kenya and im thinking of doing flying coz i have a Dream of starting a flying school in future somewhere in Africa ,but im looking for an affordable school…i also need to get the FAA Engineers license within the same duration il be attending flying is ths possible …Please Advise

  • Emmanuel Olufunto Olubanjo
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    The school fees is quite huge for someone coming from Africa, can the payment be split into three instalments?

  • Michael
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    I love your school and what you do,however,I want to know if there are financial supports for intending students?

  • Ja'afar sagir sanusi
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  • Rafak
    Posted at 05:02h, 07 August

    OMG!!!… fact, I can’t just wait any longer to land right there in Daytona Beach to enroll in PEA….PEA, simply the best!!!

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