A Letter From A Father

In Early April 2013, we have received a letter, that made all PEA staff proud and humble to be considered as a member of Luis Beltran Esteban’s Family. And We have decided to share his story with the world:

My dear friend Jason:

I am addressing this letter to you both on a personal level and a professional one as you represent Phoenix East Aviation School. I would like to transmit you my recognition and my gratitude.

Many years have gone by since the first time I came to PEA looking for a good aviation academy for my sons, who wanted to become pilots.

Like you, I have also been a pilot for a commercial airline. People like us, that have lived and loved this profession, know the importance that a good aeronautical training has right from the start. We are very demanding and rigorous.

I investigated for a while the possibilities I had, got to visit other schools and asked other professionals and American aviation colleagues on their opinions. It was during this process that I got to meet Aldo Ricciardi, who after some conversations was convincing me that PEA was the best option for my interests.

When I got to PEA, I found a very active school with students of different nationalities and cultures. Everybody was properly dressed with their uniforms. They were very respectful and one could breathe in that familiar aeronautical atmosphere, the same I had experienced in my beginnings. All the staff treated me in a very kind, warm and familiar way, and that gave me a lot of confidence towards the school. This good relationship to one another has been maintained through the years.

Today, PEA forms part of our lives. My sons have developed both professionally and personally in PEA. They have been given the pilot mentality. When they got their titles, they stayed at the school as instructors, which is the best way to keep on learn and gaining flight hours and experience. Everything has turned out very satisfactorily. 

I have many friends and acquaintances both personally and professionally who have sons that either want to become a pilot but without good perspectives ahead. I also get contacted through forums a lot and I always explain them about my sons and PEA. I always recommend them that they choose without any doubt “our” academy.

As you know, Nacho is nowadays flying the B737-800 in Copa Airlines. I have had the chance to talk to captains with whom he has flown and all of them stress on their professionalism.

My other son, Javier, is still in PEA accumulating more knowledge and expertise, and waiting to get a job in an airline company. Here, I must also be very grateful and enhance the generous attitude of PEA by maintaining him active, flying, while he waits for his chance to come.

Therefore, this is the moment to reflect upon all the steps we have taken throughout the years and I would like to show you my deepest thankfulness and satisfaction. PEA was the best decision we could take. PEA will be forever part of our lives.

Luis Beltran Esteban. Iberia Airlines captain.

Update: Last week, Javier has left Phoenix East Aviation to join his brother Ignacio “Nacho” at Copa Airlines, Flying B737-800 

Cop Airlines

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