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For Our Future Pilots

What the Aviation Industry is looking like for future pilots and why it is so important to prepare yourself for the Aviation Market

At PEA, we pride ourselves on giving our students the best opportunity for success in their aviation career.

PEA has trained over 12,500 pilots since 1972, and during this time, we have seen many ups and downs in the Aviation Industry. One result that has always occurred, is that the Aviation Industry bounces back.

Demand for pilots is not going to disappear in today’s new modern world, it will evolve, and there is always going to be need for commercial travel and pilots to safely operate these aircraft.

Airlines are currently increasing safety procedures to help adapt to the current health crisis and are looking ahead to create plans to return to normal operations. Based off of past events and financial crisis, we would like to share our experience on how these past events have impacted the Aviation Industry from a hiring perspective. While we do not expect the Aviation Industry to return to normal in the next year, we would like to explain how the current climate can help your future.


  • Timing– During periods of economic downturn one of the best things you can do is to invest in yourself and your education which will prepare you for when things get back to normal. Your flight training at PEA will take between 2-3 years depending upon the hour requirements you are trying to meet which is the same timing the airlines anticipate will be needed to return to their prior business levels.


  • Retirements– There will be around 80,000 retirements in the next 20 years just in the US alone, with the peak of the retirements occurring in the not too distant future. This represents lots of opportunity for you to get into and start your pilot career in the Aviation Industry.


  • Regionals, Cargo, Corporate, Medivac– Your first job with an airline is typically with a regional carrier. Past events have shown that after airlines experience periods of economic decline, the regionals end up doing the bulk of the initial increase in airline operations. This means that the completion of your training will occur around the same time the regionals are experiencing increased demand. Pilot jobs for cargo, corporate, and medivac are currently seeing an increased need and should continue to present another viable option of gaining employment after you have finished your flight training.


  • Job Market and Your Education– As the industry recovers, airline hiring historically becomes very competitive. The airlines can be pickier when choosing their applicants, that’s why it’s so important that you choose the right school. Not all flight schools are created equal and PEA prides itself on training some of the best pilots in the global Aviation Industry. Our graduates typically are top in their class during their initial training after being hired by an airline. After you have invested time and money in your future career, its good to make sure you are better than the person next to you. PEA will help you accomplish this.


  • Passion for Aviation– Most pilots have a passion for aviation, so just remember: Things will get better, aviation bounces back and this is your opportunity to do what you are passionate about.

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