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Parents have a lot of questions to ask a flight training organization and here we hope to answer many of those.

The majority of parents of our students over the years didn’t learn to fly so it can appear to the uninitiated that flying an aircraft is a dangerous activity.

It could not be further from the truth. Aviation as a whole is held up as the leading industry for safety worldwide. Our culture is one of analysis and diligence and when anything goes wrong in aviation, the industry as a whole works hard to find out why. If there’s a problem, it’s changed so that it has little chance of happening again.

Take the aircraft themselves. Here at PEA we have an ultra modern fleet of well equipped aircraft. Every item on those aircraft are certified to the very highest standards. Pilots the world over sometimes bemoan that a simple split pin for an aircraft can cost ten times as much as that of a car. The reason? It’s had to be certified to a much higher standard. You may have heard of aviation grade aluminium? It’s ten times more expensive and of a much higher quality than the normal aluminium you might find in your car. Why? It’s had to go through process after process of certification. Today’s aircraft are the safest they have ever been. Our industry is a constant continuation of safety improvements that is the envy of others and PEA plays a key role.

Safer Pilots

The pilots themselves are prepared to such a high degree. In the 1940s pilots were sent off to fly in battles – some with less than 20 hours in the aircraft. A pilot flying for a US airline now has to have a minimum of 1500 hours before they can be hired! The reason is to make everything safer.

Everything we do has safety running through the core. We constantly strive to make our students safer with training that is personalized to your son or daughter. We never take a universal approach to training as we know everyone is different and learn at varying speeds.

Rest easy on safety. We are proud of our industry and our part in it.

Being Away From Home

For some of our students it is their first time away from home and we understand why this is a concern for many parents. Our academy is a welcoming and friendly environment. We excel at creating a global village of aviation that welcomes people from around the world from all walks and cultures of life and we promise that whilst receiving flight training they will also have fun and make many new friends.

Global Village of Aviation

Flying for an airline will likely take you around the world and learning about new cultures and meeting new people is woven into the fabric of our school. It’s no secret to our success that we have one of the highest numbers of female student pilots. In this day and age you might find that strange but consider that just 3% of commercial pilots worldwide are women and then consider that at PEA 12% of our students are female. We believe it’s because we are a welcoming and inclusive environment. And we strongly believe our approach produces more rounded and grounded individuals. It’s something we are very proud off. A global village of aviation!


We appreciate the financial commitment many parents are making in order for their sons or daughters to pursue a flying career. Whether it’s using your house as security against a loan or providing part or all of the fees, it’s a prospect where you will want to narrow down any risks. In short, you need to know that your investment into your son or daughter will pay off.

We don’t provide any guarantees for this, but over the last 44 years of training students, we think we know what it takes to make it. As long as students apply themselves and can pass the medical requirements, we think there are few people who can’t make it through – as long as they work hard.

Which takes us back to the first point of safety. Hard working students make it. They are the ones we want sat in the cockpit of the jet when we are taking our families on holiday. They are the ones that are offered jobs at PEA as flight instructors – which can save them tens of thousand of dollars on their way to reaching the required 1,500 hours.

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If you have any questions please do call us. We are here to help.

You never know. When you visit your son or daughter we might be able to persuade you to take your first flying lesson!

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