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Phoenix East Aviation proudly announces its partnership with South Sweden Flight Academy. This partnership will ensure students who are looking to obtain FAA licenses and EASA licenses, have the flexibility to start in the US or Sweden, and then complete their conversions. Founded in 1972, Phoenix East Aviation has had the privilege of training thousands of pilots who were able to accomplish their dream of becoming Captains of a Major Airline.

Don’t wait two years and earn only limited hours towards an EASA commercial license when, PEA can offer you the opportunity, after gaining your FAA license, to become a paid flight instructor, earning all the hours you will need, while doing EASA training at the same time.

Please contact our admissions office to learn, in conjunction with our partner schools, how PEA can train you towards an EASA license as well as your FAA qualifications.

South Sweden Flight Academy

South Sweden Flight Academy is Southern Sweden’s largest flight school and situated at Malmö Sturup Airport. They have been active since 2015 and offer modular training from Zero to MCC and with their combined courses you can become an Airline Pilot in two years. They pride themselves on having an international student population and instructors who are professionals with backgrounds both in the Airforce and commercial airlines.

Aspiring aviators gain a premium offering allowing them to learn to fly at a desirable location with optimal training weather in the US (Greater Daytona Beach) while concurrently working on their European license requirements resulting in dual certification both from the FAA and EASA. This pathway enables students to benefit from the remarkable US general aviation infrastructure with the ease of conversion to the European license. The unique F1 Visa offered allows students to gain experience by giving them the opportunity to legally work at the completion of their program. We look forward to this partnership, and continuing to train the worlds pilots! Are you ready to start your training? Contact our admissions office today!



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