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Why PEA?

We like to think of PEA as a global village of aviation where people from all over the world come with one goal in mind – to begin their career as a professional pilot but as an international student to learn in the USA you require a school that is trusted by the Homeland Security to issue the visas that you will need to start your training. PEA is one of a very few schools that is trusted to do this. The trust has been built over many years and is yet another advantage of choosing PEA for your flight training.

Visa Application Process

At first glance the Visa application process can appear daunting to students who have never been through the process but with over 12,000 pilots trained at PEA we are proud of our status and experience and will be able to help you through the application. Call us on +1-386-258-0703 or begin the process by doing the following:

1. Complete the PEA Application form

2. Submit all required documents to PEA

3. Enclose the admissions fee

4. A PEA immigration specialist will contact you

English Courses

Let your dreams take flight at PEA and Learn English at UCF Global (University of Central Florida)

UCF Global is a leader in intensive, student-focused, English-learning and their Intensive language programs (Intensive English Program and Online English Program) provide high impact curricula based on face-to-face instruction in core language subjects while preparing you for your future in aviation.

With UCF Online English Program (OEP), PEA future students can start developing English proficiency at home, and transition to UCF’s on campus programs. UCF, in partnership with PEA, offers a high-impact curriculum with content created to meet learner needs.

UCF Global’s innovative programs of study meet you where you are, offering a learning experience unlike any other place in Central Florida. PEA and UCF are here to help you achieve your goals!

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If you’re unsure about any aspect of the application process or have any questions give our team a call on 1-800-868-4359 or +1-386-258-0703, we’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

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