Upset Recovery Training

Upset Recovery Training


Upset Recovery Training

The PEA Unusual Attitude and Upset Recovery Training course has been uniquely customized to ensure it directly meets the training needs of the professional Pilot. A rigorous combination of hands-on maneuver-based and scenario-based training profiles both increase the student’s fundamental flying skills as well as directly compliment the rapid development of Aeronautical Decision Making amidst potentially life-threatening upset/emergency conditions.

Each lesson is identified by the new maneuvers introduced during the lesson; however, an important component of each lesson is the continued practice and refinement of maneuvers introduced during previous lessons, as outlined in the lesson plans.

Course Structure

Dual Decathlon: 6 hrs.
Oral Single Engine: 6 hrs.

  • Books

Pre Req.:

  • Private License

What You’ll Learn

  How to be a safer pilot
  How to handle pressure in stressful situations
  Handling an aircraft in unusual attitudes
  Real world unusual attitude scenarios

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