Convenient & Affordable

As students pursue the online degree at UVU, they can flight train simultaneously. Online courses are flexible and are accessible 24/7. Tuition rates are among the lowest in the nation when compared to other online aviation programs. With high inflation rates, the UVU online tuition rate will remain unchanged through 2027.


At UVU online, students won’t feel alone in the online education wilderness. Our student support system has been designed around online students. No appointments needed for advisement. Next-business-day response to emails guaranteed. Virtual support available with live advisors. Single-hub connection to campus services.

Career Progression

A bachelor degree prepares students for career advancement opportunities when they arise. Even if a student’s career plan does not require a bachelor degree, years ahead they may want to pursue other, higher-paying opportunities. Students can set themselves apart from the competition and become the preferred job candidate.

Educational Foundation

The aviation industry, like most others, is subject to the effects of economic downturns and other external factors influencing air travel. Unforeseen health issues can also drastically change pilot career plans. Education is always a worthwhile investment and additional degrees offer more stability during turbulent times or forced career changes.


Online programs are a dime a dozen these days. UVU Aviation has been offering online degrees since 2001. We understand the unique needs of online students and have refined our program to meet those needs. Experience the UVU difference.

For more information, visit their website or contact the UVU team at (801)863-7830 aviation@uvu.edu