Partnership Benefits:

  • Learn English at UCF and let your dreams take flight with PEA.
  • UCF Global’s innovative programs of study meet you where you are.

Why Choose UCF Global’s Online English Program (OEP):

  • UCF Global is a leader in intensive, student-focused, English-learning.
  • If you are looking to improve your English proficiency we are here to help you achieve your goals. With our programs flexible format you can develop English proficiency at home or in person at UCF.
  • UCF Global’s Online English Program is modeled after our well established Intensive English Program with over 30 years of success. We offer a high-impact curriculum with content created to meet learner needs and enhance language acquisition in core language subjects, including Listening, Speaking, and Pronunciation, as well as Reading, Writing, and Grammar, in 8 levels of proficiency.
  • UCF Global’s Online English Program is a bisynchronous program which offers opportunities to students to work at their own pace, while being guided by qualified instructors on a weekly basis through group and individual meetings.

Admissions Criteria:

In order to be admitted to the program, you must be at least 16 years old.

Program Cost:

$920.00 per level; includes enrollment in courses covering six language skills: reading, writing, grammar, listening, speaking, and pronunciation. Courses can also be completed independently.


As a UCF online student, #GlobalKnights have the unique experience of advancing their English proficiency while benefiting from the extensive resources of one of the largest universities in the country! Take a moment to review testimonials from UCF Global graduates, below.
Hi, my name is Lizeth Alvarez, and I am currently at the UCF Online English Program. It has been a great experience that has allowed me to improve my speaking and writing skills. Teachers are very involved and supportive through the process. I’ve learned from different cultures and really interesting topics. It is not only about the language skills. I’ve been able to develop research skills thanks to the course approach. I was afraid of writing essays but now I feel confident about it. I´m really happy with the results that I’m having, and I can’t wait to finish the program!



The online English program strengthened my knowledge before I started a university degree in English. The professors were helpful and motivated. I recommend it to everyone who wants to improve their English!



I started taking the OEP at level 5. At first, it was difficult to keep up with the English classes, but the teachers were very attentive, and I think I was able to develop my English skills. Reading, listening, writing, and speaking all improved in OEP. I was able to complete the OEP from level 5 to level 8 in one year and was accepted to the graduate school at UCF. I would recommend taking OEP to many people who are having trouble with English.
Go Knights!



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UCF Global’s Online English Program is a unique program that reaches English learners all around the world who may not otherwise be able to access UCF’s English programs in person. Our students range from recently graduated high school students to professors at universities all around the world. I’ve had the privilege to participate in the development of the OEP as well as teach its courses for the past 4 years. I have enjoyed the opportunity to work more individually with students through this program in ways that would be more difficult in a large classroom setting. Teaching in OEP means working with a variety of students around the world in various time zones so flexibility and creativity are important in connecting and retaining students. We have a great team working together to ensure faculty support and student success.