05 May An Overview of Pilot Training

For those who aren't familiar with pilot training, here’s a simple overview: You’ll always start with your Private Pilot License. This is also referred to as VFR (Visual Flight Rules). You’ll learn to fly a plane based on your vision (during the day). The Federal Aviation Administration...

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29 Mar Pilot Demand

Is there a pilot demand? That’s the main question for those who consider becoming one. Why seek to fulfill your dream career if there are no jobs, right? In an article from Flight Training News, March 2017, there are some staggering data about the coming demand...

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23 Jun What’s in a Pilot’s Flight Bag?

Ever wonder what’s in that bag that pilots carry? Why do they need so much stuff? And why do some pilots seem to get away with just a cup of coffee, while others carry a large, heavy bag? The truth is that pilots aren’t actually required...

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DA42 take off

06 Apr Why Does Flight Training Cost So Much?

Airplanes cost a lot to operate. From fixed costs like the cost of the airplane itself, insurance fees, taxes and registration fees to variable costs like fuel, oil and maintenance fees, a single airplane costs a lot to operate. Aircraft insurance rates are really, really expensive....

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08 Mar Why Winter Flying is Hazardous

If you’re in Florida with us, then you know that we rarely see snow or ice, and a major snow event is virtually unheard of. But when you consider the impact that a snowstorm has on aviation, even people in Florida can be affected by...

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06 Oct What Happens on a Student’s First Solo Flight?

“Your best teacher is your last mistake.” –unknown A student’s first solo flight is something that he or she will remember forever. It’s an accomplishment to be proud of, a confidence-builder and, well, it’s just fun! During their first solo flight, the student will fly a...

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