Author: Erica Martin

09 Apr A Success Story: Kwame Sarpong

Kwame Sarpong, a student from Ghana, has recently finished his studies at Phoenix East Aviation and embarked in voyage to pursue his dreams to be an airline pilot. A couple of months later we have received this from Kwame: Phoenix East is no doubt a leader in Aviation...

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Transcontinental Air Mail Route Beacon 37A

26 Jan How Do Pilots Navigate?

In the past few years, GPS has become a primary method of navigating for pilots. But how did pilots find their way before GPS? And which navigation systems are still in use? In the early days, pilots had to navigate by looking out the window and...

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Private Pilot Certificate

10 Nov 6 Different Types Of Pilot Certifications

One of the most confusing things for student pilots is the number of different types of pilot certificates and ratings there are. And unless someone tells you that there’s a difference between a certificate and a rating, you might think they’re all the same. I’m...

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Cessna 172 - C172

13 Oct What Do Student Pilots Do During Flight Training?

A private pilot student will learn a variety of things during flight training. Their ground study will include topics like federal aviation regulations, aircraft systems, weather, flight planning, and aircraft performance. But what exactly do student pilots practice while they’re in the air? Here are...

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Airport Traffic Patern

03 Sep The Airport Traffic Pattern

You might think that student pilots spend a lot of time flying in circles, but they’re actually flying in rectangles (and maybe a few circles, too). This is because at most small airports, pilots use a traffic pattern in the shape of a rectangle to...

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Happy National Aviation day

19 Aug The U.S. Celebrates National Aviation Day

Tuesday, August 19th is National Aviation Day in the United States - a holiday dedicated to all things aviation. It's our day as pilots, maintainers, salesmen, executives, ramp agents, and aviation enthusiasts, to celebrate an industry we love. Some people spend the day remembering aviation's past,...

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12 Aug What do VFR and IFR Mean?

As a prospective student, you probably hear about instrument training from more experienced students, and you might wonder what exactly "instrument" flying entails. Instrument flying can seem like an elusive or abstract term if you're not familiar with flying, but it quickly becomes clear as you...

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